Girija Tickoo Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Death, Photo

Girija Tickoo Biography – Girija Tickoo Story comes in a highlight after the recently released film ‘The Kashmir Files’. This film narrates the story of the atrocities committed on Kashmiri Pandits in their own birthplace. How they had to flee from Kashmir and fall prey to the cruelty of terrorists. There are multiple painful incidents on the list of these atrocities and Girija Tickoo’s is one of them.

And in this article, we are going to introduce you to the life of the same victim Girija Tickoo who became a victim of terrorists in the 1990s.

Girija Tickoo Biography

Girija Tickoo Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Background, Photo

Girija Tickoo was a resident of Arigam village in Baramulla district. At present, Arigam is located in Bandipora district. Her nickname was Babli. Girija used to work as a Librarian in a government school at that time. Girija’s family consisted of her old mother, her 26-year-old husband, a 4-year-old son, and a 2-year-old daughter.

It was June 11, 1990, when she went to school to collect her salary. After which she went to meet him at the house of a Muslim colleague, who was in the same village. Girija had no idea that the terrorists were keeping an eye on him. The terrorists kidnapped her from the colleague’s house in front of everyone. No one present there tried to stop those terrorists. And the terrorists tied the bandages in Girija’s eyes and took her to some unknown place.

Her body was found in very bad condition a few days after the abduction, lying on the side of the road. The terrorists gang-raped her for so many days after her abduction and tortured her in various ways. Even after this, the terrorists brutally placed his body on an electric saw and cut his body from the middle. And then after this, the naked body of Girija was thrown on the roadside in a horrific condition. Girija was killed with so much barbarity for being a Hindu and a Kashmiri Pandit.

Terrorists had to give the same message to the Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus through such barbarism. And that was that only Muslims or people who believe in Nizam-e-Mustafa will remain in Kashmir. There was a time when the people living there had only three options. Either all the permanent people adopt Islam, or they are killed and if they want to survive, leave Kashmir as soon as possible.

In the 90s, Kashmir was burning in the fire of genocide due to the feeling of jealousy toward Hindus, then the non-Muslim people living there had no option but to leave their native land. According to the families who migrated during that period, every limit of crime was crossed with Kashmiri Pandits. Many people were put to death, their women were raped, and not only children and old people of the house were not spared, just because they were Hindus. Even after such a long time, the wounds of the local people who had left their land due to migration, still give them pain.

Girija Tickoo Biography – Age, Death, Husband, Children, Family

Name Girija Tickoo
Known forOne of the victims of the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990, was brutally raped and murdered.
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Date of Birth15 February 1969 (Saturday)
Birthplace / HometownArigam, Bandipora, Jammu and Kashmir
Date of Death25 June 1990
Age (at the time of death)21 Years
Death CauseRape and Murder
CasteKashmiri Pandit
Marital StatusMarried at the time of death
Husband NameGirdhari Lal Tickoo
ChildrenAt the time of her death, she had two children (one son and one daughter)
SiblingsBrother– Satish Raina

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